Nyin (NIE-en) (Pluto) is a strange double-dwarf world orbiting at the near-edge of the Rimn’ter (Kuiper Belt). Nyin’s permanent colony is governed by for extended families, cartels, which maintain estates on each of Nyin’s four moons. Nyin has a very small semi-permanent population of belters, drifters, joi-dolls, and tekks. The larger world, Tlu (TLOO) (Pluto) has a primary dome maintained jointly by all four cartels which has temporary housing, cafeterias, a hiring hall and entertainment for the belters who need to stay there. The cartels also keep exclusive brokerages there as well, to take advantage of any belters who strike it rich and don’t wish to wait for a Tran-ship to arrive (which can, at times, take years) to haul their cargo on to Ryi’Konn (RYE-kahn) (Triton)

The smaller world, Kha-rho (KAA-roh) (Charon) holds all the facilities for moderate ship repairs, and the ice-cracking atmospheric engines which feed the domes. Kha-roh is exclusively automated with all mechanical functions carried out by drones remotely controlled by tekks working in the dome on Tlu. As a result, Kha-rho maintains no artificial atmosphere or gravity (keeping overhead costs to a minimum).

Nyin is in a very eccentric orbit that takes it between 29.7 and 49.3 AU around Zhal (ZHAL) (Sol). (4.4 and 7.4 Terameters (Terameter = one trillion meters, or one billion kilometers). Because of it’s extremes of orbit, Nyin is, at it’s perihelion (closest distance to Zhal), Nyin is 98 Gigameters (Gigameter = one billion meters, or one million Kilometers) inside the orbit of Iapton (YEE-ap-ton) (Neptune). Due to this eccentricity, Nyin is within range of sub-tranship travel of Iapton for 30 years out of every 248 year solar orbit. For a very brief window of 7 years, Nyin is even closer to Ra’anous (rah-AHN-owz) (Uranus) and it’s satellites.

The cartels base themselves on Nyin’s small moons, fully developed into palatial base stations. The stations have almost completely consumed the original matter of the moons. Instead, the cartels have built their seats of power inside atmospheric globes, barrier shielding and rings of weaponized defense satellites.

Nyin’s Cartel Families
Xym (ZEEM)
Dia’ar (DIE-ahr)
Qihr Byrosh (KEER BYE-rosh)
T’qz (TIKZ)


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