The Moot

The Moot is not a governing body. Every State within the Solar System is a sovereign and independent polity. The Moot is a body politic that exists for all the States to negotiate and communicate with one another. Within the Moot, international treaties are passed, and even though some such treaties are signed by every recognized State, most diplomacy is negotiated between regional polities.

The Moot has a formal two-year Session every twelve years at the Moot Hall on Io. The Moot Hall is the size of a small city within the Hall Dome with facilities for luxury housing for all 2,457 Representatives (and their staff), as well as communications suites (including a full and permanent Media facilities) security, and conference buildings.

The first two years of each moot is filled with the formal Session. During this time, Moot Leadership is elected by the Representatives present (the size and voting ability of each Delegation varies by the population, age and influence of each individual state as defined in the by-laws of the Moot Charter. By-laws and amendments to the Charter are proposed and voted upon (to be enforced and enacted at the following Moot), and international business affecting all represented States is addressed.

For the ten years following the formal Session, the Moot only addresses individual issues or conflicts that do not require the full body of representatives. The Leadership (Electors) remain on Io for the full twelve years as a source of impartial mediators, and executives (in the events where someone is required to speak for the Moot as a whole.)

The Moot

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