TranShips are Level 3 Devices that keep all of the worlds in the Solar System mutually supported and supplied. A journey in a vessel without a TranShip Drive would take at least 10 times as long to travel among the Outer Worlds.

As an individual vessel, a TranShip is only of moderate size, massing 50 – 100 kilotonnes. But the ship itself is almost entirely drives and fuel (Hydrogen). Control systems, Habitation, and Communications make up between 5 and 10 % of the vessel. A typical TranShip crew numbers between 20 and 100, mostly Engineers. Payload handlers (including Stewards on passenger modules, and Tekks on carrier modules) remain on and are counted as crew for the module they are serving on.

Due to the powerful drives, the TranShip can haul immense amounts of cargo. Sometimes going so far as to drive multi-megatonne asteroids into engineering orbits of the Gas Giants to supply raw materials for terraforming existing moons, or constructing Artificial orbital habitats.

Toughness: TranShips are rugged. Because they are designed to move and maneuver cargo many times their mass, the TranShip hull is heavily reinforced and braced. The vessel resists damage and stress as a Level 6 device.

OverThrust: The size and power of the TranShip Drive is unmatched when moving cargo. The vessel is considered a Level 8 device when applying it’s thrust against mass.

Unarmed: TranShips are not designed to mount weapons, the few systems on board which can be used as such are utilitarian in nature (batteries designed to clear paths through debris clouds, or tractor beams to stabilize unbalanced cargo loads). When using these systems in an aggressive or offensive manner, the vessel is considered a Level 1 device.


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